Are You Looking For Collector Car Financing?

A collector car is sometimes considered as a piece of antique due to its prolonged existence. These cars are a piece of statements and are usually shown at different shows, parades, exhibitions, and other public spots and gatherings. These cars have their own class and uniqueness due to which they are widely loved by everyone. There are some people who want to take home their personal collector cars. For this, they might need some collector car loans.

What Are Collector Cars?


There are different definitions of a collector car. Different organizations have laid down their set of definitions and criteria for classifying a collector car. At Woodside Credit, classic and antique cars are the most commonly purchased collector cars. Any car which is older than 25 years or more is termed as a classic car. Cars from the late 1800s and early 1900s era are termed as antique cars.

Financing a collector car is a tedious job as it requires different documentation and formalities to be completed.


There are many different loan financers in the USA who give collector car loans, but at Woodside Credit, we try to provide you with something extra and special which makes us different from others. Our previous and existing customers are very happy and satisfied with our services. The feedback and testimonials we have received are very positive and satisfactory. This has motivated us to be better than before. Some of the unique benefits you will get at Woodside Credit are-

  • We are dedicated especially towards collector car financing, which is generally not provided by most of the financers. We always try to give something extra to our customers.
  • We are exclusively endorsed by Barrett- Jackson, which is a leading collector car auction company. Our great dealings and healthy relations with them makes it easy for our customers to get their desired car specially delivered at their doorsteps.
  • We have been a player in this industry since 2003, which makes it easy for us to provide some of the best deals and discounts to our customers.
  • At Woodside Credit, our main aim is to take the lowest monthly payments from our customers. The rate of interest charged and the amount of monthly installments charged by us is comparatively very low among our competitors.
  • Our team is dedicated to its work and is working strongly and with the proper focus to give our customers the best and the quickest services.
  • Our procedure to get collector car loans is very short and simple. You can get a free quote about your loan and if it fits your budget, you can get your loan sanctioned within 10 minutes.

About thousands of customers have trusted us for their loans and financings which have made us a team player and leader in the market. Our procedure is very simple and our services are very quick. We are always committed and dedicated to our work and are reputed in the market also. In case, you want to get some collector car loans and are looking for some trusted and expert professionals, try contacting the Woodside Credit and we promise to never put you down.

Published by Woodside Credit

Woodside Credit is one of the leading nationwide collector car finance company that offers finance services by collector car dealers or directly to consumers for the purchase or refinancing of classic and collector cars. We understand that choosing the car of your dreams should be the hard part, not judging how to pay for it.

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